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Grief and Loss

Loss is a part of life and grief is a normal response to all kinds of loss. As humans, grief doesn’t only accompany the death of a loved one. People can grieve over many things, such as the loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss or change of life circumstances, or not being able to do things that one once was able to do. There is no rule that says there is a minimum time to grieve or that you have to be ok with loss. Some grief can be harder to deal with than others.

At MRL Counseling, we are sensitive to the needs of individuals who are coping with all kinds of grief as well as process of death or dying. We believe that there is no shame for anyone who might be having difficulty coping with a loss in life. Everyone needs someone to talk to 
once in a while on his or her life’s journey. At MRL Counseling, we have considerable experience with end-of-life care and the emotional and physical stress that it can cause. We believe that there is no right or wrong way to deal with grief. Some ways of responding to grief can be healthier than others, of course, but that is why we are here to assist individuals, couples, families, and friends in their compounded grief process.
With kindness, compassion, and experience, we want to help you.
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